The New Brunswick Rifle Association was founded in 1866 it was granted permission to include the title Royal in its name in 1983.

The purpose of the Association has always been to promote : sportsmanship, marksmanship, safe proficient use of firearms and competitive shooting sports in the Military, Civic Police, and Civilian population.

The association has since the early 1980s been recognized by the provincial govt. as the sport governing body for all shooting sports in the province. As the sport governing body we submit a yearly govt. directed sport profile which includes RNBRA sanctioned programs and initiatives as well as an operational budget and other information. Based on this profile we receive some money from Sport NB to help administer our programs and initiatives.

The RNBRA is administered by an elected executive consisting of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, a Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer (or combined Secretary Treasurer). It is governed according to a written constitution and bylaws, by a governing board consisting of 3 members at large and a member elected by each section representing the active disciplines within the RNBRA as well as the executive and the Past President who acts as a voting advisor to the Board. The executive and the 3 board members at large are elected at the AGM.

There are currently 3 active Sections representing : Fullbore target rifle, Pistol, and the recently formed Airgun section. Each section is responsible to be financially sound and self governed by a constitution and bylaws consistent with the purpose of the RNBRA. The Sections each administer programs and competitions consistent with their shooting disciplines and are responsible to send a representative to the Governing Board of the RNBRA for overall promotion of shooting sports in NB.

In addition to regular and life members who have voting rights at the AGM and any special membership meetings, the RNBRA also has provision for gun clubs to affiliate in order to help support the above stated goals of the association. Members of affiliated clubs receive a discount should they wish to purchase a membership in the RNBRA. It is the governing board’s intention that affiliated clubs be kept informed of developments, programs and initiatives concerning the RNBRA and to offer what assistance possible to affiliated clubs in order to promote shooting sports in NB. The RNBRA recognizes the need to gather input from people involved in shooting sports even though most have little interest in organized competition, and is committed to developing methods to promote such interaction.

The RNBRA is affiliated with the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association & the Shooting Federation of Canada, two of the national competitive shooting bodies in Canada. We send two representatives to the DCRA council and one rep to the SFC in order the help promote competitive shooting at the National and International level. We are also affiliated with the Canada’s National Firearms Association from whom we purchase liability insurance for our full members. The Association is currently working with the Airgun section and the NB Airgun Association to develop a Canada Games Team. We are committed to Junior development in shooting sports as competitive shooting teaches many valuable life skills to our societies future leaders such as: commitment, sportsmanship, focus, and problem solving to name a few.

The Fullbore section runs a full competition program each summer and some members compete at the international level. The Pistol section is very active in the province and hosts many IPSC activities with members competing nationally and internationally. The RNBRA is often able to help fund inter maritime, national and international competitions held in New Brunswick.