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New Brunswick’s home for shooters, the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association (RNBRA) has been promoting marksmanship since 1866.

RNBRA 2014 Board of Directors

RNBRA 2014 Board Members

The purpose of RNBRA has always been to promote; sportsmanship, marksmanship, safe proficient use of firearms and competitive shooting sports in the Military, Civic Police, and Civilian population.

The association has since the early 1980s been recognized by the provincial government as the sport governing body for all shooting sports in the province. As the sport governing body we submit a yearly government directed sport profile which includes RNBRA sanctioned programs and initiatives as well as an operational budget and other information. Read more “About RNBRA”.

To contact RNBRA for more information, please refer to our “Contact RNBRA” page.

Emily Dean – Championship Shooting Story

This is story of a young lady who has taken up competitive shooting as told by her mother. Emily has demonstrated determination and focus that is both admirable and exceptional. Her performance reflects well on her and those who have worked with her and made her shooting possible. She has a long career ahead of her in a sport that some would consider nontraditional but offers so much to people, male and female young and old. Thank you Emily you are an inspiration to all competitive shooters.

Michael Lutes
Interim President
Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association

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RNBRA Trophies and Medals from 1861 to Present

Officers of the Saint John Rifle Company 1898

Officers of the Saint John Rifle Company 1898 (Click for Full History)

Over the many years, RNBRA has acquired over one hundred trophies of various shapes and quality.  Now available online, is a full history of each trophy and medals since 1861. Listed in this historic document, is the list of winners and the prizes common to that era of shooting competition.

Click on image to view full history of the RNBRA Trophies and Medals from 1861 to present.


2014 RNBRA Fullbore Section’s Annual Prize Meet

The Royal New Brunswick Rifle AssociationThe Annual Prize Meet of the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Assn. – Fullbore Section, took place on July 12th and 13th, 2014 with 15 shooters attending. There was representation from Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and, of course, New Brunswick. The number of shooters was lower than expected and this may well have been due to the massive clean-up underway in New Brunswick after Tropical Storm “Arthur” passed through last weekend and to the fact that several Maritime shooters are presently at the British Nationals at Bisley.

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Condolences to Moncton RCMP Officers

The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Assn. wishes to express it’s sincere condolences to the families of the slain and wounded RCMP officers in Moncton NB. Our deepest condolences also to the RCMP family and, indeed, the people of New Brunswick for this loss. The RCMP officers who were gunned down, as are all law enforcement officers, are the mainstay of a law abiding society and their deaths are deeply felt by all. It is our hope that the perpetrator of this act is apprehended speedily and without further harm to anyone.

The RNBRA strongly supports the legal and legitimate use of firearms for sporting purposes and deplores and condemns the use of firearms in any illegal activity.