International Practical Shooting Confederation – NB


IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system. IPSC is a competitive target sport designed to test individual skills at long and close range shooting distances, reactions, and problem solving capabilities. It is a shooting discipline where the pistol is used in the most efficient way possible. The shooting is practical in the sense that it develops the skills necessary to use the pistol to its full design and functional capabilities. One of the biggest attractions to IPSC competitions is that match events are seldom the same from event to event. Diversity in event design is encouraged.

IPSC differs from other forms of shooting competitions in two ways. The nature of the sport is to be diverse, where each stage of the match is different from any previous stage. Different start positions, props, targets, and numbers of rounds are used. A stage may have only one target or several. Targets may be stationary while others move. The competitor may be required to shoot from one or multiple positions and locations. Shooting on the move is very common for IPSC competitions. “Penalty targets” are used to obscure targets to make it more difficult to engage them.

It is for this reason that IPSC has rejuvenated pistol shooting as a competitive sport. IPSC has a good future because it is fun, challenging, exciting and safe. It also offers great spectator appeal. That is why this sport has grown rapidly in Canada and many countries around the world.

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