About Fullbore

Fullbore target rifle shooting is the sport of long range precision shooting it generally breaks down into Target Rifle and F-Class. A TR is a .223 or 308 rifle with adjustable aperture sights shot from the prone position supported by hand usually with the assistance of a sling  F-Class is broken into :  F restricted which is a .223 or .308 rifle equipped with any sight, shot prone supported with an attached bipod and rear sandbag; F open a rifle of any caliber up to .338, any sight, shot prone off a nonattached rest with a rear sandbag.

Distances fired are usually 300 to 900 meters. Course of fire is usually 2 sighting shots and 10 shots for score usually fired alternately with another person or person’s squadded to shoot with you on the same target. Each shot is indicated on the target and you keep the other persons score, this requires the use of a spotting scope for people shooting TR but F-class shooters usually use the scope they use for aiming. In NB we currently use an electronic shot indication system that requires a phone with wifi or a tablet or ereader (we have loners.) with this system it is required that the bullet be supersonic at the target.

We compete most weekends thoughtout the season at various ranges in NB, and Atlantic provinces. Most of our competitions are covered by Dominion of Canada Rifle Association rules. Fullbore section members are required to be RNBRA regular or life members, but visitors from RNBRA Affiliated clubs that want to try it out are welcome to come to most of our provincial matches and can receive coaching and possibly equipment loans. If you want to come and try it please contact the Match Director at least one week prior to the scheduled match; some matches are restricted to people who are deemed to be qualified by the match director. Our National Championships are held yearly in Ottawa and are hosted by the DCRA. We often have members representing Canada at the international level at Bisley England and at the long range Palma match held every few years in a different country. One Canadian shooter has been named to the Order of Canada for his outstanding Fullbore shooting achievements. We mostly shoot hand loaded ammunition and in target rifle 308s  are restricted to under 156 grain bullets.

Fullbore shooters contend with variable and wide ranging environmental challenges including wind, light, temp, humidity (rain) and others. Successful Fullbore shooters combine art, science and mental toughness as well as a situational awareness that I believe is not paralleled in most  sports. We have shooters from all walks of life and some have remained competitive from their teens into their 80’s.

We have many shooters that shoot recreationally and receive great satisfaction and enjoyment.  If physical challenges and complex decision making are your bag, I suggest you competitive Fullbore target rifle shooting a try. Once you’ve experienced the ZONE you’ll be hooked.  Please check out the RNBRA Fullbore Blog for more info and the 2018 Fullbore Shooting Schedule for more information.