RNBRA Trophies and Medals 1861 to Present

Originally compiled by M. Ellen McGillivray


Officers of the Saint John Rifle Company 1898

Officers of the Saint John Rifle Company 1898 (Click for larger image)

The oldest trophy belonging to the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association is named the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup. It was presented to the New Brunswick Militia Rifle Volunteers to promote marksmanship by His Royal Highness, Edward Prince of Wales during his visit to the Province in 1860. In 1861 the trophy was placed in competition for the first time and was won by Private J. Elston from Kings County. After the formation of the Provincial Association in 1866 the competition for this trophy was held as an annual match by the Association except during the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939 -1945.

Since that time the Association, known by various names (Provincial Rifle Association, New Brunswick Provincial Rifle Association, New Brunswick Rifle Association and more recently The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association Inc.) has acquired over one hundred trophies of various shapes and quality. In the 1867 Report of the Association the listed prizes were valued at 450 pounds showing the importance of marksmanship in the Militia. The prizes included money, a gold watch and chain valued at 15 pounds, a silver tea service, a double barreled gun, a field, marine and opera glass, a revolver, the medal of the NRA of England and the Provincial gold and silver medals.

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GALLERY OF TROPHIES (Alphabetical Order)

E. A. Smith Memorial Trophy

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E. A .Smith Memorial Trophy

Andy Gunter Meritorious Award

 “…This award may be presented to any current or past member of the RNBRA. The criteria for the award shall be as the name suggests: for exceptional service to the Association in the furtherance of the Association. A person’s ability to shoot shall not necessarily be a factor.”

“…The award is designed for an individual but if the committee feels it should be presented to a team or group from time to time, this will be permissible. The Committee also has the right not to make an award if it sees fit, but should call for nominations to be considered.”

The following have received the award:

1990 Major (Ret’d) George Burge

1991 Dr. M. Ellen MacGillivray

1992 Brigadier (Ret’d) T. Eric Snow

1993 Maurice Norman

1994 James Warfield

1995 Gerald Carr

1996 James Storey

1997 Henri LeBlanc

1998 W/O Ronald Surette QM6

1999 Rodney Shand

2000 Not Awarded

2001 Steven Stewart

2002 Raoul LeBlanc

2003 Tony Wood

2004 Michelle Cormier

2005 Wayde Clifford

2006 Conrad Leroux

2007 Not Awarded

2008 Don Coleman

2009 Dan Chisholm

2010 Edgar Poirier

2011 Not Awarded

2012 Not Awarded

2013 Bert deVink

2014 Lorraine Chapman

2015 Larry Schriver

2016 Michael Lutes